Gives you foresight and control

Telecom Billing, Monitoring and Management Solution

Be it any business, organizing a flood of information is important for successful planning and operation. In telecom business, huge traffic needs to be monitored and analyzed continually. Xiris helps you take the right business decisions by making the process systematic and smooth. What seemed to be a chaotic humdrum of rates, CDRs, records and reports, will now be aptly customized by a user-friendly web portal to give you complete control and pace. Each and every module is shaped to cater to your diverse and discrete needs.

Xiris - For Live Monitoring

Online live traffic analysis includes the monitoring of connected calls, their ASR, ACD, PDD and call failures where ASR is zero. Such fluctuations are easily monitored and analyzed for corrective action. Reports are detailed and exhaustive in order to help the operations to take necessary action. These reports also help in gauging the performance. Using Xiris the user can generate carrier-wise, country-wise and pattern-wise reports.

The monitoring is made even more comprehensive by supportive dynamic graphs showing Current-Day and Previous-Day Duration (in Red), ASR (in Green) and ACD (in Blue)

  • Scale Graph Showing Duration, ASR and ACD for Present and Previous Day
  • 15-Minute Graph Showing Duration, ASR and ACD for Present and Previous Day

Xiris - For Billing and Management

Billing demands speed and accuracy. Digitalizing this process makes the work more streamlined. Xiris helps in automated invoice generation that can be printed or downloaded in PDF format or immediately mailed to the respective carrier/vendor. The system issues invoice numbers for future reference.

Rate management is smoothened out by quick rate uploading, re-rating, preservation of old rates for a particular carrier or vendor.

Real-time CDR-processing means that every call is processed and rated within a few seconds of call completion. CDRs for 600 million minutes have been processed successfully so far and this is further scalable.

We deliver solution to code management tools, right from importing code changes to comparing code-sets between suppliers and customers.

Xiris - For Business Analysis and Performance Monitoring

Traffic report and financial reports can be generated for you to track the overall performance of the company and provide necessary guidelines to overcome drawbacks. These reports are:

  • Hourly Report
  • Day-Wise Report
  • Multiple-Day Report
  • Cost Based Report
  • Sale Based Report
  • Destination-Wise Report
  • Country-Wise Report
  • Patterns-Wise Report
  • ASR-ACD-PDD Report
  • Zero-ASR Report

From the study of the following reports can emanate a better corollary to understand trends in business.

  • Hourly Report
  • Disconnect Cause-Code-Wise Report
  • Disconnect Cause-Code-Wise Report
  • Trunk-Group-Wise Report
  • Week-To-Week Comparison Report
  • *SOA & Credit Monitoring System Reports
  • Zero-ASR Report
  • End-Point-Wise Report

Loss alarm system assures that drop in performance or financial losses can be averted. There are two alarms namely By Customer and By Vendor. The various ways of notification are:

  • Pop-ups
  • System-Generated Emails
  • SMS
  • All Three

Profitability Report: Our excellent monitoring is bettered by some practically useful profitability reports that indicate how much profit or loss has been incurred by the company. Customers, vendors and countries form the foci of such analytical reports.

Xiris - Great Features

This web portal brings a bouquet of services at competitive price. We use open-source software’s and therefore we do not charge you for them.

To create an account and access the portal you just need an internet connection.

It fetches and processes data from ANY type of switch and multiple switches. Billing can also be done simultaneously.

Xiris- Extent of Support and Assistance

3 Levels of Support: We have a sound problem escalation procedure, where any problems faced by our users are resolved.

Developer Support

Only the developers of this web-based portal can help you understand the modules. So, you can contact them to discuss all the “how to-s” with them. We can organize separate training sessions or create help manuals for both administrators as well and the ultimate users.

Remote Upgrades and Trouble Shootings

We ensure quick detection and rectification of disputes. If you have settled more a lower or simpler package, you are free to upgrade to a higher level any time and from any place.

Mission Critical — 24x7

Our team is available round the clock and everyday of the week to assist you in overcoming any technical problem.

What more can Xiris give YOU?

Ratesheet Management Tools

Target Rate Generation: WTarget Rates can be generated using our portal. Both region-wise and carrier-wise rates can be generated. The result can be exported to usable formats.

Sale Rate Sheet Generation:Based on cost, the user can generate sale rate sheet, by variable percentage, by fixed value increment or by LCR (standard levels: 1 to 5).

Intelligent LCR

You can get as many levels of Least Cost routing as required, the standard being 5 levels. Carrier-wise, pattern-wise, country-wise LCR are provided. LCR reports can be with Rank, Rank Range, Carrier, Service Provider and Future Comparison.

Future Rate Change Projection: This is based on an anticipatory process, which helps our users to project future rate changes. We provide to parameters of comparison a) Region-wise and b) Carrier-wise. In the second case you can compare as many as 6 carriers simultaneously.

Business Logic Modules

VC Deal Management: Volume Contract Deal can be created manually or automatically. In both cases on mouse-over the calculation formulae will float for the user to view. The user is hinted on the Margin per minute, total margin and total revenue. The net revenue for inbound or outbound volume thus calculated, help you take business decisions.

Customer Target Tracking and Sales Target Management: These are done with the help of readily available customer targets for easy look-up.

Rate/Market Change History: VOld rates are always preserved by the system. User can rake the entire history of all the changes in rates by Customers or Vendors for a better understanding of market trends and thus propels the important decisions.

Custom Plug-in: Plug-ins can be developed as per the needs of the customer. This customization helps you to avoid or eradicate irrelevant built-in plug-ins.